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the code of honor.
OOC Player Interaction
1. Respect fellow players. Follow the golden rule, practice kindness, and respect boundaries. Bullying, harassment, etc., won’t be tolerated.

2. We created Urban Prophet to be a landscape for a player-driven world. Site-wide plots will occur, but plots between players are also highly encouraged. The world can be interacted with and changed on a grand scale, and we will try and tailor the game to its players. As long as your plot fits within the scope of the game’s universe, it’s allowed, no matter if it affects one character or all of them.

3. Creative/Intellectual theft of any kind will be punished with an immediate two-week suspension and removal of stolen content. A repeat offense will result in a ban from the site.

4.If you are found to have violated a game-related rule, you will be asked to edit or rewrite your post. For out-of-character violations, you will receive a warning to change the behavior and a two-week suspension. If the same behavior occurs again, you will be banned from the site. It doesn’t take much to play nice with others, so do your part to make the site a nice place to be.

5.Rated RPG Rating 3 2 3. Ages 15 & up. Swearing, violence, and sexually suggestive content is allowed. If the post is particularly explicit, please mark it as such in the title. However, X-rated content is not allowed. Please do not make a graphic mention or post any images of genitalia or intercourse. If it can’t play on TV, don’t post it here.

6.There is a minimum word requirement of 100 words. Please spellcheck your posts and write with decent punctuation and grammar. No one minds a few run-on sentences, but posts should be coherent enough for everyone to understand and appreciate.

7. If you want a "quick" thread (i.e., with posts right at the word minimum), please tag your thread with [quick] if it's an open post. Discuss closed thread post length ahead of time with your RP partner.

1.There is a current character limit of six joined characters. A character born in-game does not count against this limit.

2. You can join a character of any age, from 0-18.
 2a. If you want to join a newborn puppy, it MUST have a surrogate mother currently nursing a litter listed when you join it. This means any newborns (age 0)
 must be joined in Spring or Fall.
 2b. If you join a character who is 18, it will die at the beginning of the next in-game year.

3.Any breed of dog that currently exists is allowed to be joined, as well as any mix of dog breeds. As these characters are all strays, feel free to get creative with mixing breeds. Wolfdogs are currently not allowed.

4.The height and weight of your character should match its breed. While heights and weights can vary greatly within breeds, there is no such thing as an eighty pound dachshund. Do some research before joining, we will double check you.

5.A character’s markings and build should be, for the most part, realistic. Dogs come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and fur types, so you can take some creative liberty with features you’d like to include. (For example, an all-black purebred German Shepherd would never have white paws, but you can have a mixed-breed dog who looks exactly like a German Shepherd who is all black with white paws).
 5a. Coloring must remain consistent with the breed, if you do want to play a purebred dog, it must have typical coloring for its breed.

6. Acceptable eye colors include brown, gold/yellow, green, blue, grey, or hazel. Heterochromia is allowed. Any kind of dog can have any color eyes.

7. The personality and history of your character may be as brief or as fleshed-out as you’d like. If you’d prefer to reveal it in posts, a sentence or two will suffice. You also do not have to describe your character's markings perfectly, especially if you have a reference photo or drawing.

8. To expound on the 'semi' in 'semirealistic', characters on Urban Prophet do not have to display completely typical dog behavior. Things like religions, complex moral systems, culture, cults, sciences, and other things generally regarded as being nonexistent in canines are allowed to be incorporated into your character's personality or history, and developed on the site as well. The 'human' element in your character can be as present or as absent as you want it to!

Seasons and Weather

1.The season changes every six weeks, on the 2nd or 4th Saturday of the month. So, if Spring starts on Saturday, July 11th, Summer will start on Saturday, August 22nd, and so on.

2.Seasons rotate through Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. A full year is about six months. A calendar with dates for the game can be found right here.

3.The climate of the in-game world is temperate to cold, with chillier nights at the beginning and end of summer, crisp springs & falls, and winters with occasional heavy snow. Other than this, feel free to interpret the weather during the seasons as you see fit in your posts, unless there is a current site-wide plot impacting the weather.

Aging and Breeding

1. A character is considered to be a mature adult at the age of 2 years, at this point, they may form a pack, breed, become a prophet, and earn points in the territory wars. Until 2, they are considered a puppy.

2. A character can live up to 18 years of age. They become infertile, or unable to breed, at 16.

3. Characters born in Spring or Fall will age up by one year every Spring or Fall. If a character is joined in Winter or Spring, it will age in Spring, and if a character is joined in Summer or Fall, it will age in Fall.

4. Female characters may breed twice per in-game year, once in Winter, and once in Summer. Your character will remain pregnant until the next season (Spring or Fall, respectively). You must post either a birthing post or acknowledgement of the puppies in some way during that season, or the litter will be forfeit. You will not be allowed to play it out or keep any of the puppies. If your litter is forfeit in this way, you will be not able to breed your characters for one in-game year.

5. Male characters may sire two litters each per in-game year. You may ask for exceptions to this rule.

6.In order to breed your characters during Winter or Summer, one player must make a post with the names of the characters in the title on the Garden board, and the litter will be rolled for you.

7. A litter will contain 1-4 puppies, determined by a dice roll. The gender and health of the puppies will be decided for you, but you will choose the name and design. If the puppies or mother have a health complication, those will be determined by staff and will correlate with health issues present in real dogs.

puppy count -

1, 6: one puppy
2, 5: two puppies
3: 3 puppies
4: 4 puppies

puppy health -
1: bad health (minor)
2, 3, 4, 5: healthy
6: bad health (major)

gender -
1, 3, 5: male
2, 4, 6: female

mother's health -
1, 4, 6: easy birth
2, 5: minor complication
3: major complication

7. You may adopt puppies from your litters out to other players for them to play instead. If you don’t want a puppy from a litter, you can forfeit it, and it will be stillborn. You may only do this twice per in-game year. If you can't find homes for your puppies, do not wish to play them, and cannot forfeit them, you will be prevented from breeding any of your characters for one in-game year.

Packs and Territory Wars

1. Any character can start a pack as long as they are old enough.

2. In order to start a pack, you must apply with at least four members (including the leader). You must not play more than 50% of the characters in a pack, so two of the characters you apply need to be another player’s. You can apply for a pack on the Transmissions board. When you apply, include the names of the characters and their players in your post, as well as what you'd like your pack to be called. You will be assigned a random color to represent you on the territory wars map.

3. You can only control one pack at a time. If you would like to make a new pack, you must dissolve your old one or hand it over to someone else. A dissolved pack will be completely removed from the map, and lose all its points.

4. When territories are controlled by an unaffiliated or rival pack, you are still free to post on the boards with characters who do not belong to that pack. However, you may not be unbothered by its protectors, so tread carefully!

Further detail about the territory wars can be found on the Conquer page.

The Prophecies

1. Every other season, a post will be posted on the Transmissions board asking for characters to apply for a prophet position. A character cannot be a prophet twice in a row, so if you'd like to apply again, you must use a different character. Each character will be assigned a number, and the next prophet will be chosen through a random number generator.

2. The character chosen to be the prophet will receive a short vision of a coming event (provided by staff). The way that they receive this vision is up to you. They can choose to share this vision, to help others be prepared, or they can keep it to themselves. The vision will not directly reveal the site event.

3. Participation in the prophecies is mandatory, because they are site-wide plots that effect the entire site. You do not ever have to have a character who is a prophet if you do not want. These prophecies will include disasters, random events, prey shortages, and other events that will affect every character who posts during the time period.

4. The season after the prophet is chosen is when the event will occur, so, every opposite season, there will be a new event of some kind.


1. Fighting can happen anywhere, at any time, on any board. These fights will remain largely up to player discretion, but they will be monitored for realism. You must tag [fight] in the title of the first post of any thread where fighting occurs.

2. No power-playing, predicting moves, or playing your character as invincible. Every attack and dodge must be reasonable.

3. Injuries after a fight must be sustained in your threads afterwards, however, you may choose whether or not the injury scars, is permanent, etc. You will not be forced to dramatically alter your character because of someone else, but they are free to try their hardest to do so.

4. Characters cannot be killed without the other player’s permission, nor can they be gravely injured or maimed. Injuries must be able to be recovered from, i.e., no tearing out eyes or chewing off tails, unless it was previously agreed upon.

5. There are no truly structured fights. Wins and losses are determined by the outcome of the roleplay, with player input, and finally staff's discretion if there are any disagreements. A thread detailing the winner(s) and loser(s) of the fight will posted at its conclusion. Unrealistic moves or dodges may require the player to rewrite the post. In the event of larger fights or pack battles, further rules may be drafted by players and staff for those particular fights.


1. Hunting can occur in any part of the city, but some areas have more prey than others. If you wish to hunt, you must put “hunt” or “hunting” in the title of your post. Your success will be determined by dice roll based on the area. Other characters may hunt with you, but there will only be one dice roll. You may play out the hunt if you wish.

abundant prey: the harbor, the lakeshore
1, 4: great success
2, 3, 5: success
6: failure

normal prey: the riverwalk, the residential district
1: great success
2, 4, 5: success
3, 6: failure

scarce prey: the industrial park
2, 4: success
1, 3, 5, 6: failure

2. Prey include rodents, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, fish, and birds, and any other small-to-medium sized creature found in the northern North American continent. If you attempt to hunt prey where it wouldn't be usually be found (ex., attempting to hunt fish when your character isn't near any water), the hunt will automatically be failed, so make sure your hunt is realistic. This also applies to hunting any animal which too large (such as a deer) or nonexistent in the area (such as a meerkat).

3. If you attempt to hunt in a territory controlled by a rival pack, or a pack that does not allow loners to hunt in their lands, they have 24 hours to interrupt you by posting an in-character post in reply. If your hunt is interrupted, it automatically fails. If 24 hours pass, the hunt can no longer be interrupted and will be rolled for as usual.

4. Your character may scavenge for food freely, but it will not count as hunting.

5. Tag all hunting posts with [hunt]

Human Interaction/ The Pound

1. Humans will occasionally interact with characters whose posts mention them. If your post mentions humans, there will be a dice roll to determine whether or not they call animal control on you.

1, 3, 5: No call

2, 4, 6: Call

2. If animal control is called, your character will be picked up and taken to the pound! You must choose heads or tails, and request a coin flip each day on the Transmissions board until you are successful, and then your character may escape.

3. You may not play your characters on any boards while they are in the pound.

4. Your character can't be sent to the pound more than twice a season.

5. Your character will automatically escape the pound after one week.


1. If you are going to be unable to post for a period of time, you may place yourself on away. Make a post on the Transmissions board stating that you’ll be away and for how long you think you’ll be gone for. If you’d like, you may include what your characters are doing while you’re gone.

2. Your characters will age according to the time passed in-game, but will not be affected otherwise. To come back from being away, just make a post with one of your characters.

3. You also may place individual characters on away. You can’t play a character who is on away, but you can inform others of their whereabouts if you wish. They can leave the city or stay inside it, but please keep any far-off destinations realistic within the game’s world (ie, no distant and magical kingdom where dogs use magic and ride dragons (unfortunately)). Characters on away will still count towards your total characters.

4. After three months of inactivity, you will automatically be placed on away.

5. If you would like to quit the game, please let us know and we will remove you. You can be on away indefinitely, so there’s no reason to completely remove your characters from the game if you don’t want to.

6. If you want to remove a character or a character dies/is killed, please post on the Transmissions board.