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the code of war.
The Territory Wars
To put it simply, the territory wars is a turf-war style game within a game here on Urban Prophet. Your characters will compete and cooperate with others to earn points to use in gaining tiles on the map, which translates into the pack’s ownership of that area in-game. To start to play territory wars, your character simply needs to be a leader or member of a pack.

(+1) exploring (any action not explicitly related to hunting, fighting, or escaping)
(+3) greatly successful hunt
(+2) successful hunt
(+1) failed hunt
(+3) winning a fight
(+1) losing a fight
(+1) escaping the pound

the fishery: 52 pts
the ash district: 30 pts
the abandoned factories: 32 pts
the outdoor markets: 36 pts
screech street: 32 pts
the abandoned storage units: 36 pts
the unfinished housing development: 36 pts
white birch run: 32 pts
moon hill park: 40 pts
país del raton: 52 pts
cottontail fields: 54 pts
abandoned lake houses: 40 pts
shady harbor: 44 pts
the junkyard: 60 pts
the lagoon: 52 pts

Any square colored white is not controlled by any pack. When a pack is created, they are assigned a random color to represent them. You also choose a tile as a “home base” to start with when you create your pack. Your characters must earn 16 points on this tile within a full season in order to keep the pack. This must be posted on the Scorekeeper board. Your point balance in your home tile will start as full. If the points are not earned, the pack will be dissolved, and the tile will be uncontested. You cannot lose your home tile to another pack. The map will be updated every other week along with the recap, posted on the Transmissions page, which details changes in the territories, seasons, special events, etc.

A pack can only claim a tile that is adjacent to a tile they currently own. There is no maximum amount of tiles a pack can own. In order to claim a tile, players must post their characters belonging to that pack on the board containing the tile, and perform certain actions. You can apply the points to any tile contained within the board (ex. You post your character on The Riverwalk board and they have a successful hunt. Your 2 points could go towards capture of The Fishery, The Outdoor Markets, or The Abandoned Housing Development). The only time this does not apply is when claiming a tile from another pack- in that case, your posts must specifically mention an intrusion into that pack's territory in order to be counted.

Packs that control tiles also control the land in-game. The pack will only control the area within the tile, and not the entire board. Therefore, it is possible for different packs to own seperate "parts" of each board. A pack leader or member is allowed to interrupt a hunt within 24 hours of the hunt being posted by replying with an in-character post, and the hunt will automatically fail. Packs can set rules and restrictions for those not in the pack, though these rules must be enforced in-character. If your character is able to run around in rival territory unbothered, you are allowed to do that. Packs may also form alliances with some and not with others, or allow safe passage to loners while others might not. It’s completely up to the pack leader’s discretion.

If you want to redeem points for a tile, post on the Scorekeeper board with a link to your post, the action you took, the amount of points, and the tile you’d like to apply the points to. When you have enough points to claim a tile, you must post your claim on the Scorekeeper board. Current point balances are displayed on the Packs page.

In the event of a pack war, different rules for tile claiming may be drafted temporarily in order to make gameplay more interesting.

You will earn the highest “category” of points per post if you take multiple actions, but they do not stack. However, you can earn points for exploring, hunting, or fighting in the same thread, they just have to be in different posts.

Point values of tiles are related to how valuable the resources on the tile are. For example, Cottontail Fields costs more points than The Ash District because of its lack of people and abundance of prey in comparison to the harsh atmosphere, noise, and pollution of the factories.

In order to keep your tile, you must keep your points in that tile full, or at least higher than any other pack, or another pack will be able to claim it. In order to claim a tile from another pack, you must have more points in it than they do, and post on the Scorekeeper board with your claim. A tile's points will decay by 16 points per season, which means 16 points must be earned by characters in that pack every season in order to keep your point balance on that tile full.